The download yandere simulator real name of Yandere Chan is Ayano Aishi and she has developed a crush on her class fellow.

In the game, she falls madly for him and will do anything to get him. The appearance of the yandere chan is of a Chinese girl. She is 17 years old and has black hair and pale skin. She is very fast in running and can run faster than any of her class fellow.

She is influenced by info-chan who told her to kill anyone who gets in the way of her love. She celebrates her birthday on 1st April. There are 14 mods of yandere chan in the game and the intelligence of yandere chan depends on how the players choose her to play. If the player lets her attend the classes she will be intelligent and can develop new ways of killing the rivals and if she does not become intelligent, there is a strong chance that she will be caught in the act.


Making money in the game is very important as any other function of the game like running the business and boosting up your business.

Following bus simulator 2015 are some of the ways and opportunities with the help of which you can earn the money in the game:

* The player is allowed to create different routes and drive the buses through these routes offering travelling services. This service will allow you get some money. As a result, you will get the money and unlock the new buses available in the game.
* Hiring the drivers and assign them different tasks to do the work. Their activities will earn some money from which you can't only pay to the workers but also carry on various activities of the business.
* Making advertisements on the banners is also one of the best way to earn the revenue for your business activities.


How deft you are on your keyboard affects your success in the game. When you train your duckling to run, your duckling will face several rounded objects that will come rolling from the right hand side of your screen. Quickly press the up arrow button to make your duckling jump over the objects. The climbing training requires your duckling to avoid dangerously protruding ledges and various other difficulties after the duckling climbs the cliff on his own. He has to jump over obstacles to arrive at safe platforms and then cross more obstacles.

duck life You have to use the left and right arrow keys here to save the duckling from tripping and falling over the cliff.

In the swimming sessions the duckling will paddle automatically through the pond but you must ensure your duckling doesn't get bogged down by the obstacles. You have to press the down arrow to dive down and again come to the surface and the up arrow to jump over the obstacles. In the similar fashion the duckling must keep flying when going through the flying training and avoid the hurdles.


When it comes troll face quest to point and click games, no game can come close to Trollface Quest. If you think you go the brains to solve puzzles, you need to try playing this game. Within a matter of no time, you would know how sharp-minded you are. This game will test your mental skills and rationale reasoning skills at every stage.

The first few levels are no brainers, but as you progress in the game you will find it difficult and will end up playing the same level over and over again till you come up with the right answers. Every level of the game demands the "not so obvious" approach, and if you are more of a logical type of thinker, this may not be the best game for you.

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Although the vex game is not so much vex 3 game difficult to play, but if you are a beginner or a new player then you might face some problems in playing the game. These are some pro tips that will be helpful for you play the game and clear the stages.

You should not jump your character from the extreme height. In spite of this, you should jump and then carefully slide.
Try to avoid all the obstacles and hurdles from the way. If you don't do so, you will lose your health life quickly.
While swimming, you have to direct your character carefully. Under the water, the pointed head of the character will determine the direction. So take care of the arrow keys and move carefully.
Try to win the game in shorter time and collect all the coins, as it is the only way by which you can improve your skills.


Gunblood is a game that will test your reflexes. It will test how well you can move the computer mouse to shoot the enemy. play gunblood game As compared to other online game. in the market, Gunblood game is simple to understand. Once you click the start game button, you have to choose a particular character. There are 10 different avatars to choose from. Once you have chosen the character you will have to press the continue button to start the game.

The first thing you need to do is to position your mouse pointer on a pistol cylinder image on the screen.

The three seconds countdown timer will start automatically. You should not move the mouse pointer since it will stop the timer and reload. After the 3 second timer, you need to focus on the head of the opponent then click the left side of the mouse to shoot. But it is not as easy as you think. Your opponent will try to avoid the bullet and attempt to kill you.

Keep in mind that your opponent moves faster and thus you need to be very quick to win the duel. If you want to make sure that you kill your opponent always aim for his head. The level of difficulty increases as you continue with the game. Your opponent will use up less time to shoot you and his accuracy increases. The game has some bonus rounds like shooting birds, bottles and others. Shooting them accurately will increase your score.


It is just the game of a learn to fly 2 penguin that came to know that he can’t fly. Although it is a fact, but the penguin wants to fly just like the other birds. He decided to keep on practicing about for fly until or unless he becomes able to fly. In the game, you will find a number of Gliders. These gliders are used to minimise the speed of the player. Similarly, there you will find some rockets, these rockets are filled up of the fuel. You should keep your rockets full of fuel and you must keep on upgrading the rocket to increase its capacity to fill the fuel.

In order to finish the level, you have to get the achievements. If you don’t unlock the achievements, you will be unable to go to the next level. So, don’t forget to get all the achievements.


This is one of the best games that are available online if you are planning on having some light refreshment or wish to kill some time in office. However, be warned, this can be really addictive. There are various versions of the game and it is available for both PCs and laptops as well as for Android and iOS versions. The latest one available for PCs and laptops is called Earn Ton Die 2016.

Basic objective of the game is simple. You are stuck in a deserted land with zombies coming up.

You have limited cash and can get a very tattered earn to die 2 car at that rate. However, you will be able to collect money while playing and then use it to get necessary upgrades.  Upgraded cars and better cars will allow you to get farther in the game. You will have to reach the helicopter finally - more zombie games here.

In the process of getting to the objective, you will mow down zombies all along the way. There are some pretty cool upgrades that you can enjoy while progressing through the game. You will be able to customise the vehicle that you are using with better tires, engines, turbo boost, guns, and more. All of these will allow you to move ahead in the game. In the end, the result is in how many days’ time you get to the helicopter, your objective.


Even if you die many times, you continue to play play unfair mario the game. You love the game not just because of its simple controls and the old-school Mario but also you are challenged on how to overcome the obstacles and complete the level. You get pissed off with the different tortures and traps but these wont stop you from playing the game. The game wants you to quiver in fear. Deaths are everywhere, some are hidden that you dont have any idea it was there waiting for you.

Here is a quick tip for you the first panel of each platform is a trap. Some levels may have fewer traps but if you can jump as wide as you can there will be less deaths. Jump using the arrow up key makes it much easier for the player to help Mario jump. This game is recommended for those who love spikes.